Hush-Hush has arrived

The epic editors and creatives at Synaesthesia Magazine continue to impress and surprise me (and I hope, you too). Take a large pot: (i.e.) the expansive World Wide Web. Add: brilliance, dedication, lines, letters, words, paint and pixels. Boil then let simmer for three to four months. Welcome Hush-Hush the July Issue. You can find my two flash-fiction pieces on pages 14 & 15 (work from my novelette, seeking representation).

Thank you to the editors, writers, artists  and overall creatives that make this happen and with more gusto each time.

Photo Credit to Synaesthesia Magazine

Photo Credit to Synaesthesia Magazine

The Heaven of Cannibals – New Short Story by Amber Koski

My latest. Thanks to STROGY and all of our readers!



Amber Koski

typewriter love

We’d sat at the same 4-way stop sign six times today. The floorboards of Andrew’s car were speckled with fluorescent green chippings from my bored picking, and the white-sky sucked the color out of my face as I looked back at myself in the side-mirror. It was hot but without any true sign of the sun, like I imagine it to be when you stand near the sun in outer space – so bright it’s all white, or in London where they say even the summer’s are grey – hot without the warm hues and blue skies.

If I lifted my leg away from the clingy leather seat again I was sure the seat would come up with it, pancaked to the back of my thigh. There’s nothing to do in Tupelo but sweat, and Andrew and I spent our days conditioning his 4-Runners…

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The Bohemyth: The July Issue

This marks my second publication with this fantastic UK based literary journal. You can read the wonderful work from all contributors here.


For a direct link to my story.