Amber Koski’s New Short Story – Send Her Away

My newest (quickly compiled, hope the best, attempt under pressure) (un)gendered short-story for STORGY.


Send Her Away

You can call me whatever you like. My mother calls me Angela. Something like angels Grandma says when I sit next to her bed at Lazy Acre Home breaking graham crackers at their perforated lines. I don’t know of any Grandpa but Mother had to come from somewhere. Nurse Stell brings in metal trays covered in crackers from the cafeteria – trays like the ones she brings Grandma’s mints in on. You’ll understand one day darlin’, Nurse Stell said as she set the tray down. Something like angels Grandma says each time Nurse Stell came in, when she left, when I went to use the bathroom, when I came back.

I liked Grandma’s toilet with its railed sides. I’d take off my pants and underwear and set them on her shower seat – I could balance over her toilet and pee – just like that. Like…

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STORGY : An Orgy of Stories
cropped-storgy2Are you intrigued by innovative ways to write, share, tell stories (do you want more)? Ted talks recently featured a discussion about how technology has altered how we tell stories. During my brief wait at St. Pancras International I was asked to participate in an interview about storytelling which involved questions around Ebooks, how women and men might read differently and how class/ income influences someone’s learning, thus their way of telling stories. All in all, the world wants more creativity(for reasons that go beyond this little post) and in the span of a week I have witnessed the inquisitive nature to tell a tale. A classmate and friend of mine has launched an ingenious writing forum. One where readers vote on titles and then contributors are put to the test in writing a short story around that title in the span of a few days. Find out about STORGY and get your ideas in, challenge those writers and most importantly build a narrative with us – create a creative community.

Poetry Exercise

To tail onto Ashley’s poetry remix and to relive a bit of my past, earlier writing adventures I’ve uncovered some remix work: Circa 2009: How She Bleeds 

ashley nicholson

This is what happens when you do a workshop exercise for ‘found text’ poetry in five minutes with phrases taken from ‘The Financial Times’. The first set of lines is the exact order and phrasing I put down in the workshop. The second and third sets are just remixes using (mostly) the words within the ‘found text’. I am in no way trying to be political, nor am I advocating the mistreatment of monks anywhere, FYI.


Support a separate state

In tune with that more reflective mood

Manhandled into a metal gibbet

A monk emerges from a monastery

Lofty, grandiloquent, often arrogant

Boutique of Berlin


Remix the first:


Berlin often emerges in tune with a more reflective state,

that lofty, separate mood of arrogant support to ‘the boutique’

monasteries of grandiloquent monks manhandled into metal gibbets


Remix the second:


In tune with that more reflective…

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Breaking The Blockage: A Talk About Creative Clogs

There are countless ways to overcome writer’s block. Here are a few from the MA Words, Pauses, Noises editorial team at Kingston University, London.

Words, Pauses, Noises

InterviewsLast week we opened the topic of Writer’s Block– or, as Amber termed it, the ‘Creative Clog’. Today we continue our discussion about the Big, Bad Block and what it means to the Words, Pauses, Noises team. Amber Koski asked the rest of the WPN team to answer a few questions about how we get over our own blocks, with some advice (from us as well as some which has allowed us to break our own blockages) thrown in. Over-caffeinated and stressed out from our deadline looming ever closer, I think that I’ll let the interview do the talking for me today. Enjoy!

Ashley Nicholson, Boyana Petrovich and Jasmine answer questions from Amber Koski.

Some people believe that talking about an unfinished work can block you up. What do you tell people who ask about your work-in-progress? 

ashleyAshley: For me, talking about my current work doesn’t…

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Writer’s Block: An Interactive Journey of the Joys (and Woes) of Writing

It was wonderful to get the team together to break this notion of Writer’s Block apart.

Words, Pauses, Noises

InterviewsToday is an interactive Sunday!

There’s an idiom every writer dreads, even if they can’t admit it: writer’s block. What Macbeth is to actors, writer’s block is to authors. We can be a superstitious lot and sometimes it seems that just uttering the words can stop your creativity before your fingers meet keys. As the Words, Pauses, Noises team work fervently on their dissertations, the urge to run away grows as the time to complete the work shrinks. To help us get a jump on any blockage, we got together to think proactively on the subject. There’s nothing like discussing writer’s block to help you realise how real, and irrational, it can be.

The Words, Pauses, Noises team: Ashley Nicholson, Amber Koski, Boyana Petrovich, and Jasmine

WPN decided that in order to help ourselves work around the issue of writer’s block, we needed to go a…

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