Short fiction has the ability to cover so much space in ‘literary time’ but in the rapid succession of a few thousand words; I think this is why I am drawn to the flash-fiction form, among other short and experimental formats. My love for simple diction is mirrored in the reading that I do. David Levithan, Miranda July, Amiee Bender, Joyce Carol Oats, Meredith Hall, Flannery O’Connor and Margret Atwood are epitomized in my mind, and sometimes echoes of their talent mingle into my own work. Identity and sexuality are themes in my flash-fiction, encapsulated by the setting of difficult love and the uncertainty of self-worth. The extraordinary Jeanette Winterson once said, ‘My writing is faithful and invented’. And I couldn’t even attempt to top the succinct honesty she has in that quote, but I very much feel my work is faithful to my memory and heart, but is invented when my memory lapses (an inevitable occurrence), and when my audience needs a bit more to hold on to.

Creative Writing seminar tutor Kingston University, London. Masters in Creative Writing & Pedagogy with a focus on non-fiction experimental forms and short stories.


3 thoughts on “Apropos

  1. Hi Amber! I hope this finds you well. I just finished reading a poetry collection that I think you’d absolutely love. It’s called A Body Made of You by Melissa Lee-Houghton, published by Penned In The Margins. It reminded me of your writing. If you get a chance, I definitely recommend you check it out. It’s right down your alley.


    • Hey Maria,
      Thanks for thinking of me and passing the recommendation along. I will certainly look into it. I’ve been reading a lot of the “classics” in preperation for the GRE. Not always the most “up my alley”. I remember telling you about Emily Berry’s “Dear Boy” you should definitely get a copy. You’ll really enjoy it. Keep in touch.

      Best wishes.

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