The Heaven of Cannibals – New Short Story by Amber Koski

My latest. Thanks to STROGY and all of our readers!



Amber Koski

typewriter love

We’d sat at the same 4-way stop sign six times today. The floorboards of Andrew’s car were speckled with fluorescent green chippings from my bored picking, and the white-sky sucked the color out of my face as I looked back at myself in the side-mirror. It was hot but without any true sign of the sun, like I imagine it to be when you stand near the sun in outer space – so bright it’s all white, or in London where they say even the summer’s are grey – hot without the warm hues and blue skies.

If I lifted my leg away from the clingy leather seat again I was sure the seat would come up with it, pancaked to the back of my thigh. There’s nothing to do in Tupelo but sweat, and Andrew and I spent our days conditioning his 4-Runners…

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