Amber Koski’s New Short Story – A Forgotten Colour

The most recent attempt…




Amber Koski


Surrounded by thousands of spines Barbra plods along, her white hair flat against her head revealing a dappled scalp. The gold chain around her neck which holds her glasses clinks against the metal clamp of her name badge:

Barbra Huey


As she leans forward to scan my library card her breasts press her glasses onto the countertop and make a grating noise she is oblivious of.

Have you read my husband’s book?

No, ma’am.

It’s shelved in Non-Fiction H-L.

I’ll look next time, tomorrow probably.

It’s about a golf ball who goes on a journey to find the right green.

That’s original.

The little ball just rolls along – searching, searching.

I settle at my usual table, towards the back, to the right with a view of the large brick high school across the street. They don’t use brick much anymore. Too…

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