Falling for Chaos: Published

Number11 Graphic Happy to announce Falling for Chaos has found a home (its first home) at Number Eleven Magazine. It has taken a while to place it, but I am happy to know it does, indeed have a place. Check Number Eleven on Facebook for details about Issue Three.

Read it here.

2 thoughts on “Falling for Chaos: Published

  1. That was pure, electrifying, maddening bittersweet poetry.

    A story of two selves merging in cross pollination, caught up in the potent pungent blazing of spring bloom which the writer makes seem as inevitable as it is tragic and which when decays, leaves her and all of us with her, trying to walk, trembling along a half forgotten path back to the old- but- now- murky- and- slightly- new self carved by the illogical logic of love and infatuation.

    Her writing penetrates deep and shakes hard due her depth of clear sighted self honesty and self insight, which a lot of people would shy from. There’s also a natural and original linguistic flair when speaking the language of the body (and one of the best descriptions of kisses I’ve (jealously) read. The story never at any moment feels at all forced or has anything false about it, which I found very refreshing.

    • Leon, thank you so much for giving my work this caliber of thought. It is truly motivating to have someone critique my work with such minute and cunning eyes. On a personal note, this feedback could not have come at a more appropriate time. I truly appreciate your energy and devotion to the work and am so grateful to have shared in your thoughts. All my love.

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