Creative Work: Short Fiction “Statues & Love” by Lauren Weymouth

My dear friend Lauren Weymouth shares her creativity on Words, Pauses, Noises.

Words, Pauses, Noises

Creative WorksBrevity in fiction can have the power and intensity of the most elaborate prose (i.e. Nobakov’s Lolita).  Succinct and simple language pervades Sandra Cisneros House on Mango Street. A clear narrative voice and distinct characters piloted David Levithan’s The Lover’s Dictionary to popularity worldwide. In the spirit of compactness the Words, Pauses, Noises team were fortunate enough to share this beautiful, short yet expansive flash-fiction piece by Lauren Weymouth

‘Statues & Love’

By Lauren Weymouth 

There was too much liquid love thrusting against my skin – pecking at the follicles, begging to escape. I wanted someone to drain it out of me like sucking cranberry juice through a straw until there is nothing but ice. No liquid lies between the crevices, just a cluster of cold, soulless solidity, like a statue. I wished I were a statue because statues don’t feel any pain. Hercules stands headless in…

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