Poetry Exercise

To tail onto Ashley’s poetry remix and to relive a bit of my past, earlier writing adventures I’ve uncovered some remix work: Circa 2009: How She Bleeds 

ashley nicholson

This is what happens when you do a workshop exercise for ‘found text’ poetry in five minutes with phrases taken from ‘The Financial Times’. The first set of lines is the exact order and phrasing I put down in the workshop. The second and third sets are just remixes using (mostly) the words within the ‘found text’. I am in no way trying to be political, nor am I advocating the mistreatment of monks anywhere, FYI.


Support a separate state

In tune with that more reflective mood

Manhandled into a metal gibbet

A monk emerges from a monastery

Lofty, grandiloquent, often arrogant

Boutique of Berlin


Remix the first:


Berlin often emerges in tune with a more reflective state,

that lofty, separate mood of arrogant support to ‘the boutique’

monasteries of grandiloquent monks manhandled into metal gibbets


Remix the second:


In tune with that more reflective…

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