Journey to you

I measure my time to you in the lengths between tube stops. With each open of the doors, a cool metallic air rushes in blowing my bangs from my sweaty forehead. Similar to how you brush my shower-soaked hair from my eyes in order to kiss the space between my brows. I smile as people enter and exit the tube because I know they are going where they need to be, maybe where they want to be. To meet a woman they crave like I do you, or maybe they aren’t as lucky as I am– to even come close to that sensation.

One thought on “Journey to you

  1. Amber, I decided to leave a message here because I don’t know if you still use your KU e-mail, so I thought you’re more likely to see this. I didn’t see you before I left Kingston for the summer so I wanted to say thank you for your support and encouragement during our meetings and seminars. I honestly don’t think I would’ve done as well as I have if it weren’t for your guidance.

    On another note, I really enjoyed reading this snippet. It rang true to my memories of being on the tube and how it always urged my mind to wander.

    Hope you’re having a great summer!

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