✎ Keeping Your Story Interesting: Using Graphs

Excellent way to organise my writing process. (especially once you’ve been working on something so long that you can’t make much sense of it anymore).

Plotting Bunnies

“Hook,” they say. “Pull the reader headfirst into your story. Keep them there. Give them a reason to stay scrunched in that uncomfortable position with desperate pins and needles, just to keep turning the page.”

“Already one step ahead of you,” we want to reply smugly. We all love to think that our stories have that particular wow factor.

But sometimes we can be uncertain. We might need proof. Proof that we’re on the right track, that our story flows, that we’re covering all bases – proof for whatever other neuroticisms we writers occasionally suffer from.

Seeing as we’re writers and all, I can predict that quite a few of you favoured ‘English/Arts’ subjects over ‘Maths’ subjects at school. Essays, comprehension questions, creative writing came naturally. Algebra, calculus, geometry… nyyyeaahhh. Wasn’t… too… bad… Not my forte, for sure, but I did appreciate some things.

For example, I liked getting a…

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