Istanbul Riots

From my friend studying medicine in Adana:
If I’m remembering correctly you are going to be in Turkey this weekend, if you can avoid it please do, there are riots here, I’ve been on the field since last friday and it’s deadly. Bodrum is relatively safer, and it’s usually calm during the day, but if you can change the boat’s route, you really should, it’s especially more dangerous on the weekends.I can’t stress this enough, it’s extremely dangerous, they are faking the numbers, there are over 20 deaths at the moment, and about 4.000 injured. Be safe.

Thanks! We really need some global recognition, most countries are oblivious, they are using illegal biochemical weapons!

Just try to keep away from Turkey, and don’t let people forget that mostly young people here are being brutally attacked because they want freedom. The PM Erdoğan is a dictator, he actually said “Those people should be hanged off the trees they want to save”.thank you so much, I can send photos and videos as well, you can give them my number and I’m active on Twitter and Facebook as well. @FidanSenova and Fidan Şenova on Facebook.

Watch “Adana is resisting! #1” on YouTube –

the word “chapulling” : people fighting for their Rights, it is being used globally as well

25560606-011733 PM.jpg

25560606-011740 PM.jpg

25560606-011746 PM.jpg

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